Sunday, 23 October 2016

Top Best Happy New Year Party Ideas 2017

So the day we have all been waiting so long for, The awesome Happy New year 2017 is finally here and it is a day to enjoy and remember. What other way to do both of these things than partying hard. A new year's eve party is something people always do and something people should never miss. 

If it is your turn to host the New Year's Party this year, then you would probably be looking for the Cool and Best Happy New Year Party Ideas 2017 so that you can throw a party that every one would remember, at least for the year.

We have here a compilation of Best Happy New Year's eve Party Ideas 2017 to rock the day

Best Happy New Year Party Ideas 2017

Have a look at these Best Happy New Year Party Ideas 2017

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1) Plan Games
  • Print cards with fill-in-blanks.
  • Guessing game. 
  • Playing Cards
  • Print cards with fill-in-the-blanks
  • Bowling, 
  • Car Racing, 
  • Competition Of Counter Strike,
  • Damsharads, 
  • Carom 

2) Snacks:
Something to nibble on as they play games

3) Drinks: Very Important

4) Food : More than Very Important

5) Music : Duh

6) New Year cake : No explanation needed here

7) Glow In the Dark Party:

Use black lights and add some fiber optic lights to rock the place.

8) Hit The Dance Floor :   Dance Dance Dance

9) Throw Chocolate Parties

Chocolate, everyone loves it, is one of the sweetest thing to eat. Make a treat out of it and let them enjoy.

10) Light Midnight Crackers

When it's exactly 12:00 A.M, light some fireworks and watch as the sky light up.

  • Best Happy New Year Celebration Ideas 2017
So these are some of Best Happy New Year Party Ideas 2017 which you can set to spice up the coming New year 2017. Also use these Happy new year HD wallpapers and Happy new year whatsapp dp for celebrating the coming year with more fun and Also fire up your social networking accounts with these happy new year wishes and statuses 2017.

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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Best Happy New Year Resolutions 2017 Ideas

Happy New Year 2017 is finally upon us and it is time for us to waste our time on making Happy New Year Resolutions 2017 that we are never going to fulfill. Yet almost everyone makes it, in hope that the year will be different than the previous one, but only very few actually go through with it. The reason why most fail? The very simple answer to this question is that a new year doesn't bring any change to the behaviour of humans, it's just a change of calendar and nothing new. All that matters in the end is the willpower of the individual and how bad he/she wants it to happen.
Anyways, the point of this post is not to discourage you from taking Best Happy New Year Resolutions 2017, we are sharing all the Good Happy New Year Resolutions that people take up every year, so that you can try them too.




Best Happy New Year Resolutions 2017

So here are some of the most useful Happy New Year Resolutions 2017 that you can take up and try and bring a change to your lifestyle.

  1. Be Healthier: Join a gym, Do yoga, Eat healthy, etc
  2. Fit in Fitness :- Health is the biggest gift from God, so you have to maintain it by doing Yoga and Workout. The most important thing for good health is nutritious food or proper diet. Erase the bad habits, try to wake up early in the morning and take proper rest.
  3. Stop Procrastinating.: Use each minute of each hour of each day wisely as it will not coming back.
  4. Improve your skills: You get better opportunities when you have better skills.
  5. Travel: Traveling is the best way to learn.
  6. Become more active: More around more.
  7. Become more confident: Confidence is the key to success.
  8. Spend more time with family & friends
  9. Become grateful, happy and more polite
  10. Quit smoking.Smoking is the worst thing, it causes cancer. Many people smoke between their kids and other nonsmokers, that’s not only harmful to smokers but fume is harmful to nonsmokers, innocent kids too. If you are addicted toward smoking, just make a New Year 2017 resolution and quit it instantly.
  11. Watch less TV and Read more
  12. Find some special and Love unconditionally
  13. Be more organized
  14. Get out of debt and Save money
  15. Volunteer and donate more often
  16. Learn new skills or hobbies
  17. Less time for TV and Shows :-If you are spending most of your time home by watching TV shows and movies then try to spend less time for this.
  18. Less use of Social Networks :-Stop wasting your time in social media like Facebook, Whatsapp and start completing your chores and other work in time.  etc.
  19. Cleanness in things and Surroundings
    Keep yourself and your surrounding cleaner and let this year be one without diseases.
  20. Keep going on the way of truth
  21. Give Respect Take Respect
  22. Learn Something New Each Day.
  23. Learn a New Skill-set.
  24. Meet New people
  25. Read More And More Books.
  26. Be More Grateful To Others.
  27. Spend More Time With Nature.
  28. Enjoy the Little Things In life.

So these are some of resolutions which you can set to spice up the coming New year 2017. Also use these Happy new year HD wallpapers and whatsapp dp for celebrating the coming year with more fun and Also fire up your social networking accounts with these happy new year wishes and statuses 2017.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Best Happy New Year 2017 Whatsapp messages and status

Happy New Year 2017 is a really huge event, and it happens every year and we all know what to expect when the day finally arrives. When it happens, there will be literally millions of people who search for the terms Best Happy New Year 2017 Whatsapp messages and Best Happy New Year 2017 Whatsapp status and Best Happy New Year 2017 Whatsapp DP so that they can wish all their WhatsApp contacts a happy new year 2017 in style and on time.

Best Happy New Year 2017 Whatsapp messages and status

Best Happy New Year 2017 Whatsapp messages and status

In this post, we have included several good Best Happy New Year 2017 Whatsapp messages and Best Happy New Year 2017 Whatsapp statuses that we could find and think of. You can use these as your Happy New Year 2017 wishes too.
  • My Happy New Year wish for you 
    Is for your best year yet,
    A year where your life is peaceful,
    And you get what you want.
    A year in which you cherish
    The past year’s memories,
    And live your life each new day,
    Full of bright expectancies.
    I wish for you a holiday
    With happiness galore;
    And when it’s done, I wish you
    Happy New Year 2017, and much more. 
  • New year begins, let us pray,
    That it will be a year with new joy,
    New happiness, and abundance of new friends,
    God bless you throughout the new year 2017.
  • I  May You arrive at More Milestone, and Discover more friends in Upcoming New Year 2017
  • I decide to stop wasting my resolutions on myself and use them to repay you for the heart you’ve shown me. Happy New Year, my love. 
  • Just like a new bloom spreads scent around, let the New Year also fill up you with happiness!
  • May you bestow the New Year 2017 to humanity and the betterment of the world at whole.
  • A day ends the bad memories and Refreshes the original thoughts and Makes a soul free to welcome a new day with full of enjoyment and happiness.Wish u all a great and wealthy happy new year 2017
  • May this New Year be a magnificent journey towards your dream target where all your kisses are returned with passion, your hugs are joint with warmth and you always have your loved ones to seize your hands in times of need.
  • In all there must be a season and a time to come and a time  to go. I pray that this New Year brings To you pleasure and joy forever and ever.
  • Each year’s doubts are envelopes in which messages of hope are created for the New Year 2017.
  • New is for  new hope in your life. New is for new energy for you to strive.New is for the year to come. So wishing you a great happy new year 2017.
  • New year comes with glows of hopes in our mind It gives us new confidence and courage for a fresh start Happy New Year 2017 and all the best for all your new ventures.
  • Glory tο God in Ηighest heaven, Who υnto man His Sοn hath given; While Αngels sing with Τender mirth, Α glad new Υear to all Τhe earth.
  • New ideas, innovations  and unprecedented aspirations to inspire the world in future times is abound to you this year. Enjoy winning…..Happy New Year 2017 Images
  • Μay the New Υear 2017 give yοu loads of reasons tο celebrate and Ηave wonderful days Τhat are filled ωith laughter Αnd gaiety.

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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Happy New Year 2017 Images

Happy New Year 2017 Images are one of the best ways to wish your best friends and loved ones on this Happy New Year 2017.

We have several HD images that can be used to wish anyone this Happy new year.

These beautiful Happy New Year 2017 HD images can be downloaded for free from our website.

Also check out Happy New Year 2017 Wishes, SMS, Statuses, Quotes

What Are The  Uses Of Happy New Year 2017 Images

These Happy New Year images are useful in several ways. 

  • You can send the Happy New Year 2017 Images to your best friends via facebook messenger, WhatsApp, etc

  • You can take a printout of these images and send them to your best friends along with the message Happy New Year 2017

  • You can create a broadcast list with your friends in Whatsapp and send all of them a Happy New Year 2017 Image at once.

  • You can Post a Happy New Year 2017 Images on your facebook timeline or tweet it and wish all of your friends in social media.

  • You can also use these images and set them as Happy New Year 2017 Wallpaper for your computer

Happy New Year 2017 Images

Here are some of the best Happy New Year 2017 Images on the web :

Choose a Happy New Year 2017 Image from this page and  start wishing your best friends and loved ones a Happy New Year 2017

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Happy New Year HD Images 2017
Best New Year 2017 HD Images

Friday, 30 September 2016

Happy New Year 2017 Wishes , SMS , Statuses, Quotes , Greetings

Happy New Year 2017 is something that everyone will wish to each other as the clock strikes 12 at Midnight of  New Year's Eve.

About this time every year, people normally searches for several Happy New Year 2017 Wishes
 to wish each other, Happy New Year 2017  Statuses to set as Happy New Year WhatsApp status or to Post on Facebook, Happy New Year 2017  SMS to send to friends who are not online, Happy New Year 2017 Quotes on Google and browse several posts before making up their mind. 

Happy New Year 2017 Wishes , SMS , Statuses, Quotes , Greetings

We thought we would take matters into our own hands and compile all the best Happy New Year 2017  Wishes, SMS, Statuses, Quotes, Greetings to a single post so that you don't need to waste time searching. So this post is all about several texts that you can use to wish your loved ones this new year 2017. Let's get on with it.

Happy New Year 2017 Statuses

There are several uses to these Statuses, you can set these as your Happy New Year Whatsapp Status or make it your Happy New Year 2017 Facebook status and get tons of likes and comments. Whatever be your intention, here are the best Happy New Year 2017  Statuses we got.

  • Here is a wish that the coming year is a glorious one, That rewards all your future endeavors with success.

  • Tomorrow is going to be the first blank page of a 365-page book. Make Sure You Write a good one.

  • Hope you have a year that is happy, cheerful, joyful, energetic, prosperous, bright, glowing, perfect and filled with all the joys of the world that can only be imagined.

  • I’m a little bit older, a little bit wiser and a little bit rounder, but still none the wiser.

  • The main objective of a new year is not that we should have a new year but that we should have a new soul

  • It is time to overlook the past and celebrate a new beginning. Happy New Year 2017

  • Make curry, but not in a hurry, Otherwise, you will spoil the curry, And will lead to worry. Happy New Year 2017!!

  • All I am asking this year is some luck.

  • This year if you want a different result, make a different choice and do things in a different way.

  • One glass of water, One glass of beer, Oh My Dear, "Happy New Year!"

  • Wishing you a Wonderful Happy New Year 2017 with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come. Happy new Year!

  • Your success and happiness lie in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible not against difficulties.

  • Another great new year is here… Another year to live! To love and laugh and give! Happy New Year 2017!!!

  • Even if you had one bad year, remember there’s still life ahead.

  • Before the calendar turns a new leaf over, before your phone get flooded with messages, before the mobile networks get overflown, let me take a quiet moment out to wish you a wonderful, wonderful and prosperous New Year

  • Every story has an ending, but in life.. every ending is just a new beginning.

  • Life always gives you a second chance; it's called Happy New Year.

  • New Year is the time of resolution and reflection.

  • We will open the book, but It's pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. That book is called Opportunity, and its first chapter is the New Year’s Day.

  • To Εnd Something οld, To Start Something anew, Wishing Yοu With A Big Μighty Ηeart, Though The Wοrds Are Very Few. Happy New Year :)

  • The year consists of 365 days, each day of  24-hours, but life is actually made up of small seconds of happiness. It recognizes jealousy and enjoys them. Happy New Year to all of you!

Happy New Year 2017 Wishes

One of the most done thing in any new year or any event is wishing each other, and it is very important to deliver Happy New Year 2017  Wishes in style. A Happy New Year Wish at exactly midnight shows how much your friend or loved one means to you.

  • Life still has many beautiful surprises for you in store, forget everything negative from the past and have faith that this 2017 will be one of the best years of your life.

  • As this year is about to end, I wish all the negativity and difficulties also end with this year, and 2017 bring success and desired results for you.

  • I have the opportunity Once more to right some wrongs, To pray for peace, to plant a tree, And sing more joyful songs. Happy New Year.

  • I hope that your new year 2017 would be enjoyable. May the essence of this new year blend with the sweetness of your life and make you happy forever and ever! Wishing you a very happy new year!

  • May your New Year be filled with tons of happiness, craziness, fun and joy, Let all your dreams turn into beautiful realities! Happy New Year 2017!

  • As this year is coming to an end, I wish all the negativity and difficulties also end with the year, and 2017 bring success and desired results for you.

  • May all the 365 days of the New Year 2017 be yours for with Happiness, Joy and Affection! Happy New Year 2017!

  • The Last Night Of 2017 Will End Soon But The First Day Of 2018 Will Dawn Soon. I Wish You Complete Peace, Happiness And Courage In This New Year 2017. Happy New Year! 

Happy New Year 2017 SMS

I agree, SMSs are a thing of the past now, but there still several people who still use the SMS to connect with others. SMSs are also the only way to contact people who still do not have access to Whatsapp or messenger. Here are a few good Happy New Year 2017  SMS that you can send to the people in your contacts

  • May the new year bring you success prosperity and happiness. Have a happy happy new year!

  • May each and every day of the New Year 2017 Brings you lots of happiness and love. Happy New Year 2017!!

  • Thank Yοu for pushing Μe to Dο Great Things, Which Ι Thought Ι Can never Dο, Happy Νew Year 2017 friend.

  • The great chance is here again to fill the pages of your book with happy colors, to write new and new chapters with cheerful lines and hopes and dreams! Wishing you good luck for the coming Upcoming New Year 2017!

  • New Year begins today, let us pray that it will be a year with peace, happiness and abundance of new friends, God bless us throughout the New Year.

  • Oh my Dear, Forget your Fear, Let all your Dreams be Clear Never put Tear, Please Hear, I want to tell one thing in your Ear. Wishing u a very "Happy New Year"!

  • Ι wish this Υear has lesser dιsasters, lesser Ηate, Lesser Αccidents and loads οf love for you, Ηappy New Year 2017.

  • As the clock strikes 12, let all your dreams get reborn, let all our relations get a new life and new peace, let the love thrive and sorrows disappear! Wishing you a great successful New Year 2017!

  • Μay the year 2017 be like Α blank book Τhat is waiting yοur intervention tο fill up Ιts 365 pages with Αll the colors υnder the sun Μaking it Α vibrant addition tο your life. May you have a heart of courage, a mind full of will and May you get whatever you desire, always at your will Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2017 Quotes

These are all words said by famous people related to the New Year, you can use these as Happy New Year 2017 Quotes in your Facebook posts or greeting cards, the sky is the limit.
Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~ Oprah Winfrey
I never really make solid resolutions. I think if there's something one needs to change with oneself, it doesn't have to happen in the New Year Brittany Murphy
The new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows.  George William Curtis
The tiger springs in the new year. Us he devours. ~T. S. Eliot
An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves.  ~ Bill Vaughan
For eleven months and maybe about twenty days each year, we concentrate upon the shortcomings of others, but for a few days at the turn of the New Year we look at our own. It is a good habit.  ~ Arthur Hays Sulzberger
Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.  ~ Benjamin Franklin
An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. ~ Bill Vaughan 
My pipe is out, my glass is dry;My fire is almost ashes too;But once again, before you go,And I prepare to meet the New:Old Year! A parting word that's true,For we've been comrades, you and I —I thank God for each day of you;There! Bless you now! Old Year, good-bye! ~Robert W. Service
Youth is when you are allowed to stay up late on New Year's Eve. Middle age is when you are forced to. ~ Bill Vaughn 
Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits. 
I fear thee not, O untried morrow! ~ Julia B. Cady 
Hope and faith flower from the cheerful seeds of the old year to the sprouting garden of the new year's dawn. ~ Terri Guillemets

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Happy New Year 2017 (Date, Information and Gift Ideas)

Hey humans, if you are reading this then I am pretty much sure that the New year 2017 is finally on us.

So let me start by wishing all of you a Heartfelt Happy New Year 2017
May this year bring you lots of joy and happiness and be better than the current one.

New years happen well, every year, and it is without any doubt the most-celebrated event every year. People spend an enormous amount of money on the new year's eve to celebrate the new year.

When is New Year 2017?

Stupid question, right? The truth is, the date that marks the beginning of a new year varies according to culture, for example, the Mesoamerican New Year (Aztec, etc.) falls on February 23rd.

According to the  Gregorian calendar, which is the one used worldwide now, the new year 2017 is on January 1st, and that is the most celebrated one.

How well is the new year 2017 celebrated?
Billions of dollars are spent every year to welcome the new year.  Last year, Sydney alone spent a record $7million on the New Year's Eve fireworks, which was a feast for the eyes of anyone who viewed it.

Apart from the fireworks, there are events in cities that occur at midnight where people gather in masses and drink and party hard until midnight when everyone will shout Happy New Year at the top of their voices.

This year is not going to be any different, everybody will go all out on celebrating the end of a year to the fullest.

Happy New Year Facts and info

  1. The first known new year's celebration was celebrated by Julius Caesar, the emperor of Rome some 4000 years ago. He declared January 1 a national holiday and named the month of January as Janus.
  2.  More than a million people come to the New York City's times square on the new year's eve to watch the famous "times square ball drop." A ball made of 2,688 crystals, 32,000 LED lights, weighing 11,875 pounds is dropped from the One Times Square flagpole on the stroke of midnight. More than a billion people watch the event via television.

    It is a spectacle one must never miss.
  3. People make new year's resolutions that are bound to be a failure 90% of the time. These resolutions include losing weight, losing a bad habit like drinking, being a better person, sleeping less, etc. People make these as if they will suddenly become a new person just because the calendar changed a digit. There are, of course, some exceptions, there are individuals who make it through with their resolutions. Kudos to them!
  4. It is believed by some that the first people you see in the new year will bring you good or bad luck. See your loved one first and the year will turn out right, see your enemy first, and there are chances you might die this year.
  5. Strangely, people of Italy wear red underwear on January 1st because it is believed to bring good luck.
  6. Since lobsters can walk backwards and chickens can scratch in reverse, both are considered bad things to eat on new year's eve and shall bring bad luck.

    In some cultures, eating leafy greens like cabbages, ham is considered lucky and shall bring happiness to the consumer.
  7. It is a tradition in some parts of Cuba, Colombia and Puerto Rico that families make a large a stuffed doll and call it Mr Old year and dress it up in old clothes. At the stroke of midnight, they burn this baby and bid farewell to the old memories.
  8. In Scotland, the authorities fire a canon in the Edinburgh castle at midnight, which is followed by a massive fireworks display.
happy new year 2017

Gift Ideas for New Year 2017

It is a common practice to give gifts to your loved ones on new year's eve. There are several things that one can give as a gift, ranging from photo albums, printed mugs, jewellery, chocolates, greeting cards, etc. What matters is that you gift something with all your heart and not just give gifts for the sake of giving gifts.

Why we made this New Year's Blog?

I know many of you will be thinking why we made this website. Throughout the new year, we will be sharing with you useful stuff related to the new year 2017. These will include happy new year 2017 wishes, images, greetings, quotes, and many moreuch other stuff.

The new year brings hope, hope that a new year will be happier than the current one, that good changes will happen in one's life, that life will go on healthily. Above all, new year's is a day to enjoy with one's dearest and enjoy being alive, which is the only thing that matters in the end.

We wish you a prosperous new year 2017 ahead.