Sunday, 25 September 2016

Happy New Year 2017 (Date, Information and Gift Ideas)

Hey humans, if you are reading this then I am pretty much sure that the New year 2017 is finally on us.

So let me start by wishing all of you a Heartfelt Happy New Year 2017
May this year bring you lots of joy and happiness and be better than the current one.

New years happen well, every year, and it is without any doubt the most-celebrated event every year. People spend an enormous amount of money on the new year's eve to celebrate the new year.

When is New Year 2017?

Stupid question, right? The truth is, the date that marks the beginning of a new year varies according to culture, for example, the Mesoamerican New Year (Aztec, etc.) falls on February 23rd.

According to the  Gregorian calendar, which is the one used worldwide now, the new year 2017 is on January 1st, and that is the most celebrated one.

How well is the new year 2017 celebrated?
Billions of dollars are spent every year to welcome the new year.  Last year, Sydney alone spent a record $7million on the New Year's Eve fireworks, which was a feast for the eyes of anyone who viewed it.

Apart from the fireworks, there are events in cities that occur at midnight where people gather in masses and drink and party hard until midnight when everyone will shout Happy New Year at the top of their voices.

This year is not going to be any different, everybody will go all out on celebrating the end of a year to the fullest.

Happy New Year Facts and info

  1. The first known new year's celebration was celebrated by Julius Caesar, the emperor of Rome some 4000 years ago. He declared January 1 a national holiday and named the month of January as Janus.
  2.  More than a million people come to the New York City's times square on the new year's eve to watch the famous "times square ball drop." A ball made of 2,688 crystals, 32,000 LED lights, weighing 11,875 pounds is dropped from the One Times Square flagpole on the stroke of midnight. More than a billion people watch the event via television.

    It is a spectacle one must never miss.
  3. People make new year's resolutions that are bound to be a failure 90% of the time. These resolutions include losing weight, losing a bad habit like drinking, being a better person, sleeping less, etc. People make these as if they will suddenly become a new person just because the calendar changed a digit. There are, of course, some exceptions, there are individuals who make it through with their resolutions. Kudos to them!
  4. It is believed by some that the first people you see in the new year will bring you good or bad luck. See your loved one first and the year will turn out right, see your enemy first, and there are chances you might die this year.
  5. Strangely, people of Italy wear red underwear on January 1st because it is believed to bring good luck.
  6. Since lobsters can walk backwards and chickens can scratch in reverse, both are considered bad things to eat on new year's eve and shall bring bad luck.

    In some cultures, eating leafy greens like cabbages, ham is considered lucky and shall bring happiness to the consumer.
  7. It is a tradition in some parts of Cuba, Colombia and Puerto Rico that families make a large a stuffed doll and call it Mr Old year and dress it up in old clothes. At the stroke of midnight, they burn this baby and bid farewell to the old memories.
  8. In Scotland, the authorities fire a canon in the Edinburgh castle at midnight, which is followed by a massive fireworks display.
happy new year 2017

Gift Ideas for New Year 2017

It is a common practice to give gifts to your loved ones on new year's eve. There are several things that one can give as a gift, ranging from photo albums, printed mugs, jewellery, chocolates, greeting cards, etc. What matters is that you gift something with all your heart and not just give gifts for the sake of giving gifts.

Why we made this New Year's Blog?

I know many of you will be thinking why we made this website. Throughout the new year, we will be sharing with you useful stuff related to the new year 2017. These will include happy new year 2017 wishes, images, greetings, quotes, and many moreuch other stuff.

The new year brings hope, hope that a new year will be happier than the current one, that good changes will happen in one's life, that life will go on healthily. Above all, new year's is a day to enjoy with one's dearest and enjoy being alive, which is the only thing that matters in the end.

We wish you a prosperous new year 2017 ahead.